Get your summer body ready and learn some traditional African dances!

Afro Rae Dance Class

Course Description: Learn Régine’s style of Afro steps. Learn both traditional West African and Afro steps to today’s hottest Afro music. Bellinger is a Traditional West African Dancer and Afro dancer from New York City, she mixes the two, creating a traditional Vibe.

This program will be live on ZOOM on Saturday, May 30th,2020 at 3:00 PMEST (REGISTER)

About the Instructor:​​

Régine Bellinger is an International Dancer, Choreographer, Actress and Curator. Born and raised in New York City where she received technical training in Traditional West African, Jazz, Ballet and Modern. Her love for other world dances later on led her to study  Samba, Afrobeats and more. Bellinger’s creative opportunities were limited by negative stereotypes held by others about her, and this led her to create an outlet for herself and many others alike struggling in the Industry. In 2015, she founded Conkrete Jungle Productions Incorporated which served as a platform for an annual Choreographers Showcase, showcasing emerging artists within the Tri-state area. Régine has also discovered her hidden talent in Film. She is the  Host of Hot Topics Live with  Régine and currently features in Television programs and commercials. Régine has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she not only  received training in  Passista Style Samba and paraded in Carnival 2019, but she became a dance member of two notable samba schools in Brazil: Unidos de Padre Miguel and G.R.E.S Acadêmicos do Salgueiro where she annually participates in the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. Bellinger is consistently striving to create more  opportunities for herself— because she knows the importance of leaving a legacy behind. ​​

Duration: 1 hour

*Please enter Zoom Rooms 15 minutes before class to ensure that you are promptly permitted.*

Are there minimum age requirements to join the event?
This event is open to those who love afrobeats!

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Call 347-938-9335 with any questions you may have.