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Korean Traditional Dance of Choomnoori

Korean Traditional Dance  Of  Choomnoori (KTDOC) was founded in the U.S. in 2008 by Director Eunhee Ahn. The organization is comprised mainly of 1st and 2nd generation Koreans.Its mission is to share and grow the legacy of Korean culture and display its rich history to all Americans.The school provides Korean dance instruction to students of all ages.

 KTDOC has been actively expanding the reach of Korean culture through many channels including establishing Korean dance classes in both public and private schools to promote Korean culture and participating in multicultural events. KTDOC also performed at the NBC today show to celebrate the 100 day mark before the Winter PyeongChang Olympics.KTDOC has also amassed many awards and recognitions including the grand prize from competitions such as the World Traditional Korean Arts Competition and the Asian Traditional Performing Arts Competition.

Program description

Fan dance
The Fan Dance represents Korea’s
deep devotion to peace. It’s purity of sprit based on the love and yearning for peace has positioned it as one of the most beloved Korean dances. The dancers are adorned with bright, colorful costumes and manipulate the fans with both hands. The dynamic, circular
movements create an aesthetic flower image while also mimicking motions and images found in nature such as ocean waves, mountains, butterflies, and flowers. The elegance of the dance captures the essence of a garden’s natural beauty.

Spring Flower Dance
After a long hard winter, young girls venture outside to collect fresh flowers,
while the young men go out to gather firewood. This dance creates the image of spring, with children dancing with flowers and celebrating the awakening of spring.